Winning systems for online casinos and poker-rooms. Several ways to win in the long-run.
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Winning Casino Strategies

Once a great physicist Albert Einstein was asked : "Does on your opinion any roulette system ensure the 100% win?" "Yes. I know one - to steal chips from the table when the dealer does not see it", the scientist answered. Anecdote probably, but great Einstein is right - there are no systems that can grant you long-term winnings if the casino has statistical advantage build in a game (aka house edge).

However there are several ways to get statistical advantage over casino! It doesn't mean that you will win every day, but if you'll play long enough you will be among winners. Here are these ways:

1. Some casinos offer games that have player edge (it means that if you play right you expect to win more that to lose)! Examples of such games are single-deck blackjack at several Bossmedia casinos (player edge is about 0,11% according to Wizard of Odds) or Double Bonus poker at Cryptologic (game itself has house edge of 0,04%, but you will get 0,1% comp points that altogether gives you 0,06% player edge).

2. Games with jackpot can have player edge if jackpot is big enough. Theoretically player edge can be several percent high, but practically you will earn some money only if you'll hit the jackpot.

3. Card counting in blackjack can help you if casino does not shuffle deck after each deal. Card counting techniques that are popular at brick-and-mortar casinos can be used in some online casinos too, e.g. at Cryptologic multiplayer tables, Global Player or "live" casinos.

4. Probably the easiest way to get advantage over casino is to use bonuses. I think you all know that casinos offer generous bonuses to players, though they require some wager in exchange. Let's have a look at usual situation: you deposit $100 and casino gives you $100 bonus with $4000 wagering requirements. If blackjack or video poker are allowed I'd recommend to play these games, as they usually have the lowest house edge about 0,5%. Let's see what we will have (at average) after meeting wagering requirements: $100+$100-$4000*0,005=$180. So you deposited $100, played for a while and can expect to have extra $80 at your account! Enjoy your further play (or withdraw your winnings)!

Just want to remind you, that to reach player advantage you should you should play perfect strategy. Each skill game has so called basic strategy, that tell you which decision you should make. You can find basic strategies for the most of the games here (under construction).